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were talking about -- by the way, you and i were talking about some healthcare stuff. >> yes. >> stephanie: a, he wants to voucherize medicare. we all know that. paul ryan. but i was saying mitt romney was on the campaign trail this weekend repeating a lie that i've seen in right wing e-mails is that oh, no doctors a lot of doctors now are turning down patients because they aren't going to take anymore medicare patients because of the cuts to medicare. >> okay. there are no cuts to medicare. i'm not entirely sure how else to say it. there are no cuts to medicare. >> stephanie: can you be any clearer? >> there are no cuts to medicare. we went into the medicare system which had a lot of waste and fraud and abuse and routed out a lot of that money. we're not overpaying private insurance companies anymore for the same services that we can get through traditional medicare and we're taking the money that we're saving and we're reallocating it to improve benefits in medicare. some of that money is also going to be
fixed through healthcare reform because it was too expensive. >> stephanie: right. >> and there are parts of health care reform that pay medicare doctors more. so there's actually provisions within the health care law that will pay primary care physicians more money. >> stephanie: right. that's what i'm saying people want to blame obama for everything. it becomes a punch line. >> and if you tell them it is untrue they say no, no no no. and go on. >> stephanie: yes. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: mitt romney took his claim that president obama has stolen $716 million from medicare, do the next level, seniors mostly likely will be unable to see specialists because of obamacare. >> did you see the one too i think in virginia where he say there was a barbecue place that went out of business and blamed it on obama. and it turns out they had a lot of health care violations -- >> they were washing their hands in poop. >> yeah. and he is attacking gas prices there are videos in the kiosks so it's really throw anything at the wall and
are struggling with figuring out how they're going to plan for their retirement and have healthcare. do all of those -- you know, nonsuper human activities. >> stephanie: reaminggy, it is interesting. here we go, the pundits the story is how is this going to affect the election. how is this playing? i'm sorry. you can -- not to politicize it, you can see the difference in the last couple of days. here's mitt romney saying he's not having a campaign event which is clearly a campaign event. the president is just doing his job. that's why when you have someone like chris christie go on and on about what a great job he's doing, i mean even when mitt romney is caught on tape, reggie, you go it is all about him talking about how he's going to win and be president and the politics of it. i think you've just got the feeling that it isn't about that with president obama. >> i think you're spot on. i think mitt romney obviously ran bain capital for several years. one of my college teammates goes to church with mitt romney which is a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)